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Automatic French Fries Production Line

||Automatic French Fries Production Line

Full-automatic French Fries Production Line Introduction

Full-automatic French Fries Production Line supplies the most advanced production equipment of potato chips making双色球摇一摇机选一注. The processing capacity we supply is from 350kg/h to 1000 kg/h. We also can customize any specific equipment according to your requirement.

Fully-auto Potato Chips Production Line

Automatic Potato Chips/French Fries Production Line Features

1. Every machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.
2. The frying machine adopts oil-water mixing technology, keeps the frying oil clean, thus reducing oil consumption and improve potato chips quality.
3. High working efficiency, save labor and energy.
4. Equipped with the advanced and efficient heating system, avoiding energy waste
双色球摇一摇机选一注 5. Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.

Full-automatic Potato Chips Production Line Introduction

Automatic French Fries Production Line Processing Procedure

Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Processing Procedure

What You Should Know About Potato Chips/French Fries?

☆ Americans today consume more potato chips than any other people in the world.
☆ As a world food, potatoes are second in human consumption only to rice. And as thin, salted, crisp chips, they are America’s favorite snack food.
☆ The potato used for making chips is not the same brand of potato you get at the supermarket. Special varieties are grown specifically for chips. They are called “chipping” potatoes and have to be specially ordered.

potato chips and french fries

Why Choose Us?

☆ Provide customers with formula( free of charge)  for making crispy potato chips with a golden color.
☆ Specialized personnel offers a professional training class for operators.
双色球摇一摇机选一注 ☆ The machine operating video and instruction book is available.

Technical Parameter of 350kg/h Automatic French Fries Production Line

No. Name Power/Voltage Dimension(mm)
1 Elevator 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 2535*900*2150
2 Washing and Peeling Machine 2.75kw/380V/50Hz 3050*800*1600
3 Potato Picking Line 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 3700*1040*940
4 Elevator 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 1700*700*1740
5 Potato Cutting Machine 1.5kw/380V/50Hz 670*510*1400
6 Bubble Cleaning Line 1.87kw/380V/50Hz 3490*1450*1400
7 Blanching Line 40.5kw/380V/50Hz 5100*1070*1240
8 Rinsing Line 1.87kw/380V/50Hz 3490*1450*1400
9 Air-cooled De-watering Machine 6kw/380V/50Hz 4100*850*1840
10 Electrical Frying Line 125kw/380V/50Hz 5600*1700*2250
11 De-oiling Line 6kw/380V/50Hz 4100*850*1880
12 Picking Line 0.55kw/380V/50Hz 3560*700*1255
13 Packing Machine 6kw/380V/50Hz /

Working Video of Automatic French Fry Production Line

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