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Pasta Processing Machinery

offer various pasta production machines for making dumpling, noodle, rice noodle, donut, steam bun, bread, etc. high quality & capacity, perfect performance & service.


Automatic Samosa Machine

automatic samosa machine is really multi-functional. just by changing the molds, it can make dumpling, samosa pastry, spring roll pastry, empanada, wonton, fried dumpling, etc.

Automatic Dumpling Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注automatic dumpling machine can make dumplings with wrapper thickness of 0.7-1.1mm, you can adjust freely in this range. wholly made of stainless steel. machine working video is available.

Automatic Donut Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注the automatic donut machine is the most popular equipment applied to produce tasty doughnuts with different size. automatic molding, frying and outputting.

Flour Mixing Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注the flour mixing machine is suitable for various powders mixing and early preparation of processing noodles,it has convenient operation, high output, well stirring, and full stainless steel materials. this is the most advanced mix equipment in present

Automatic Planetary Mixer

this planetary mixer is used for mixing the dough, eggs, stuffing, etc. supplied with a dough hook, wire whisk, beater blade, and stainless steel bowl.

Gas Deck Oven

gas deck oven adopts open firing, so that the baked food has brighter color, stronger aroma and better taste. ideal for baking bread, cake and other chinese and western foodstuff.

Electric Deck Oven

electric deck oven is used commercially for baking all kinds of high-grade bread, cake, pastry, etc. adopt far infrared metal heating tube to heat the food.

Rotary Bread Oven

rotary bread oven is ideal equipment used to roast various bread, cake, moon cake, cookies and poultry meat products.

Mini Donut Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注mini donut machine is designed to make cake-style doughnuts only in 3-5 minutes. double-side heating design, heating more evenly and fully.

Mini Dumpling Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注a kind of small dumpling machine, mainly used for making dumpling for household or small scale production.

Steam Bun Machine

steamed stuffed bun machine is a kind of food equipment to process and make the stuffed bun and steamed bread.

Gas Food Steamer

the commercial gas food steamer is special for steaming rice, vegetables, meat, steamed buns etc. widely suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, troops, universities and so forth.

Electric Food Steamer

双色球摇一摇机选一注the food steamers are made of high quality stainless steel; food is heated evenly with energy-saving and high efficiency; cooking time: 15~40 minutes for different food.

Food Steaming Cabinet

双色球摇一摇机选一注the steaming machines are made of high quality stainless steel materials and beautiful appearance, easy to clean. food is heated evenly, energy saving and efficient.

Manual Noodle Maker

双色球摇一摇机选一注with this machine, you can make 2mm and 4mm noodles at free. wholly made of stainless steel material, safe and sanitary.

Bread Slicer Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注this bread slicer machine can cut square bread in an even and efficient way. the bread slice thickness is 12 mm.

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