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Food Packaging Machine 2019-02-28T08:37:47+00:00

双色球摇一摇机选一注best supplier

Food Packaging Machine

supply kinds of food packaging machines for liquid, granular food, powder,etc. improved stability. better packaging quality.


Automatic Powder Packing Machine

this powder packing machine can complete the whole packing process from filling to counting, widely used for kinds of material like flour, milk powder, coffee, seasoning powder,etc.

Rice Quantitative Packaging Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注the rice quantitative packing machine is designed to automatically weigh and package various solid granules or powdery materials like rice, millet, corn, wheat, soybean, sugar, etc.

Fruit Juice/Bottle Water Filling Machine

this set of fruit juice & bottle water washing-filling-capping machine has high automation of bottle washing, beverage filling, and capping. wide applied to mineral/pure water, fruit juice, etc. processing industry.

Fruit juice/Milk Filling and Packing Line

双色球摇一摇机选一注the fruit juice/milk filling and packing line adopts plc program control system can complete the carton forming,capping and filling process automatically,suitable for kinds of beverage.

Rotary Coffee Filling Machine

双色球摇一摇机选一注electrical and pneumatic components of the rotary coffee filling machine employ advanced design (can be customized according to customer needs). it can meet different processing requirements with stable quality and long service life.

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